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General Conditions for Investment Management service

  • M/s. Forex Foresight may accept accounts for Investment Management that have a minimum of US$ 500,000 & above.
  • Clients may open their Individual accounts with any of their desired Forex Brokers or Banks of their own choice.
  • Clients may give the Username and Password to the Investment Manager to operate their respective accounts. Clients should give authorization to have the password changed to the Fund Manager’s choice. This is a necessary step to avoid confusion of any double operations. By doing this, the accountability is only on the Investment Manager.
  • M/s. Forex Foresight will operate the clients‘ accounts only for the purpose of trading. Other operations relating to their accounts must be done by the clients themselves.
  • M/s. Forex Foresight does not prescribe any fixed period for its clients to withdraw their profit from their accounts. Withdrawal may be done at anytime, but only after closing all the open positions. M/s. Forex Foresight must be given prior intimation of such withdrawals.
  • Withdrawal from the account must be made by the clients, only from the profit earned and not from the capital invested.
  • M/s. Forex Foresight will cease trading for its clients, if they withdraw their invested capital, even partially, without prior concurrence from M/s. Forex Foresight. This is just to ensure that their profit does not get whittled down, because of non-availability of adequate funds in their accounts for trading.
  • M/s. Forex Foresight will charge its clients 40% of their total profit yield, towards fees for its Investment management services. The client may give necessary powers to the Forex Broker in order to pay the above fees directly to us, if they pay the fees through the Forex Broker.
  • Apart from Investment Management fees, M/s. Forex Foresight does not charge its Clients any type of direct or indirect / hidden charges like commissions, yearly management fees, rebates etc.
  • Investment Management fees shall be paid to the management for the profits earned by the company, irrespective of the status of the open positions held at the end of the every month.
  • Pending positions will be carried forward towards next month and M/s. Forex Foresight will take Investment Management fees in the following months only after making new profits clearing the pending floating positions, if any.
  • If there is a loss in a Client’s account, the company M/s. Forex Foresight shall recover the loss in full without any Investment Management fees. Usually, the recovery process may take considerable time depending on the loss figures. Therefore, during the recovery period, the recovery amount shall be divided into two equal parts at 50% as – a) Recovery amount and b) New profits. The Recovery amount shall be added to exiting equity and the New profits may be withdrawn by Clients compulsorily after paying the Investment Management fees to avoid confusion in the payments. By doing so, there will be no pause in the income for both the Client and this company .
  • If the Client withdraws his/her account due to the loss situation without giving opportunity to M/s. Forex Foresight to recover the loss, then the company shall not be responsible to recover the loss in future. In case, if the same client is willing to renew the service of this company again, it will be treated as a new account only. The client understands that he/she is willing to accept the loss on terminating the services of the company M/s. Forex Foresight, when they pull their accounts on loss situations.